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By joining the Knights Of Sidonia Private Military Corporation (KOSPMC) you are subject to the Knights Of Sidonia Charter.


Article AA

V1 Welcome to the Knights of Sidonia! Before you get into reading the KOS Charter, we ask that every Knight remember that Star Citizen is a game and as such, having fun and enjoying it will be our foremost goal. As you already know, this MMORPG/Simulator is unlike any other. It is boundless with what we can do to explore and consume the verse. So together, let's go and discover, build, and expand our bases of operations around the Star Citizen universe. All rewards and bounties will be shared by all participating parties to the best of our abilities. Make no mistake, we seek to be a professional group with pride and adoration for who we are. Having said that, it is imperative that you have a good time and get to know your fellow Knights. We are an open organization and we look forward to hearing your ideas and thoughts in expanding our operational parameters and capabilities. 

See you on the other side!
Admiral Crimson Hawk Moth

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