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Ranks and Possible Positions




Admiral of the KOS
KOS Commanding Officer

KOS High Command Officer






Vice Admiral

KOS Fleet Division Commander

KOS Deputy Commander
KOS High Command Officer








KOS Fleet Division Deputy Commander

KOS High Command Officer







Wing/Battalion Commander

KOS High Command Officer







Lieutenant Colonel

Wing/Battalion Deputy Commander (DEPCOM)

KOS Public Relations Officer

KOS High Command Officer








Squadron Commander

Black Watch Regiment Commander

Wing/Battalion 3IC



Squadron Deputy Commander
Black Watch Regiment Deputy Commander

Black Watch Platoon/Squadron Commander

Operationally Qualified Officer







Black Watch Platoon Deputy Commander

2nd Lieutenant

Trained Officer






Officer Cadet

Officer in Training




Chief Warrant Officer of the KOS

KOS Chief Warrant Officer

Provide oversight and guidance to all NCOs/NCMs with regards to standards, training, and deployments

Appointed to the most decorated, skilled, and deserving NCO







Master Warrant Officer

Wing Standards NCO

Battalion Standards NCO

Wing 3IC

Black Watch Battalion 3IC








Warrant Officer

Squadron Training NCO

Regiment Training NCO

Black Watch Regiment 3IC
Squadron 3IC







Flight Sargent

Section Commander

Section Standards NCO


Deputy Section Commander

Deputy Section Standards NCO










Operationally Qualified Soldier

Fireteam Leader







Recruit (NCM in Training)
Trained Recruit

Flag Officer Ranks

Officer Ranks

Non-Commisioned Officer/Member Ranks

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