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Knights Of Sidonia Regular Force Fleet

The KOS uses FleetYards to track our Regular Force Fleet. 

Follow this link to view the KOS fleet:   


To join the KOS PMC Fleet, follow the instructions below:


Please download the FleetYards Sync extension/addon before following the steps below


Follow these instructions to add ships to your personal fleet:

1. Sync your FleetYards Hangar with your RSI Hangar using the FleetYards Sync extension/addon.

2. Change all your added ships to "purchased" and "public" so they appear in the KOS PMC Fleet.

3. Once you have added and changed all your ships to "purchased" and "public", use this link ( to join the KOS PMC Fleet. 

4. You can access the KOS PMC Fleet by clicking on "Fleets" on the left-hand side menu. 


The KOS PMC Fleet as of 15 June 2953
Images below are updated after each QPV

Click on the gallery to expand the image

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