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The Dance of the Behemoths Regatta event will be held on Friday, 13 August 2021.

Promo video contains incorrect event timings. Below is the rescheduled event date and time:
Date: Friday, 13 August 2021 (NA)/14 August 2021 (AUS)
Time: 8PM CST (NA)/11AM in Canberra ACT (AUS).

Applications for the event are OPEN.

Registration will close on Thursday, 12 August at 12PM CST. Racers will be announced shortly after registration closes.

The event will be held on the OGA server: 

To register, please fill out the following registration form:

If you have friends who'd like to register but aren't part of the OGA, send them the OGA server link:
Have them fill out the registration as well. The event is open to all!

1. You must bring your own Behemoth/Tonk to the event.
2. Spare ships are available on a first-come-first-serve basis

You can also rent a ship at the appropriate dealerships prior to the event for a reasonable price!

Javelin Wreck Race Course Map



Checkpoint 1

Checkpoint 2

Checkpoint 3

Checkpoint 4

Tonk Stampede Race Course Map




Race Details

The event lineup is as follows:

1. Hercules Race
2. Hammerhead Race

3. Reclaimer Race
4. Tonk Stampede 

Flight Race Rules
  • Each race will consist of 3 laps.
  • All contestants must travel on the outer edge of each marker. 
  • If a contestants travels on the inner side of a marker, the penalty will be a single loop at the next marker. 
  • No weapons fire allowed on the race course.
  • First contestant to cross the start/finish line of the 3rd lap wins.

Ground Race Rules
  • Race will consist of 2 laps. 
  • There is no set or advised "best" route around the city area track. Use your navigation skills to find the best way around. 
  • No weapons fire allowed on the race course.
  • First contestant to cross the finish line of the 2nd lap wins. 

1st Place Winner Titles
Hercules Race - Revered Box Master
Hammerhead Race - Megalodon Lord
Reclaimer Race - The Great Omnomer 
Tonk Stampede - Immortal Tread King

All titles will be tracked and mentioned at each year's race.
If you are a part of the KOS discord and are a winner of any race, you will recieve a role with the appropriate title for your discord profile
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