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KOS Alliances and Allies

The Knights of Sidonia PMC acknowledges the importance of seeking and maintaining strong and beneficial relationships with like-minded organizations throughout the 'verse.


Below is a list of alliances and allies maintained by the KOS in no particular order. 


The Citizens Alliance (TCA)

Comprised of a growing list of organizations with similar goals and interests, the TCA is a governing entity-led alliance of numerous organizations, including the KOS. 

Listed below are the organizations in alliance with the TCA. 


Vellion rose like a phoenix from the ashes of a Vanduul attack on Armitage during the battle of Orion circa 2715. Abandoned by the UEE and left for dead, the survivors hastily formed a mercenary group due to the assets and expertise at their disposal. They typically undertook missions that required extensive knowledge of small unit tactics and espionage due to their size, however, as their ranks swelled, they began to engage in belt mining claims and logistical work for the highest bidders. They are known present day across the ‘verse as a PMC heavily focused on both ship and ground combat, with large dedicated sectors focused on mining, medicine and logistics.



The first official mention of Yaw’ran Guard or of the Yaw’rii was during the Garron II Rebellions. It was rumored that members of the Guard were involved with the organization “Tide” who were responsible for leaking footage of the terraforming massacre on Garron II. 

In recent times the Yaw’ran Guard has reformed under the Leadership of Admiral Gabriel Vandarren. Admiral Vandarren spread word throughout the Vanduul border sectors. The call was for the descendants of Yaw’reth to step out from the shadows and join the fight. “It is now that we must rise to protect our empire from the evils that beset it!”


The House of Shattered Devils formed in 2949 from the remains of the crew of the UEE Tigerfish after it was crippled beyond repair. The crew members, at the end of their contracts with the UEE Military, purchased the salvage rights to their former ship and formed together to create the House of Shattered Devil’s mercenary company to perform antipiracy and security operations within the UEE.


It started with a junked Freelancer, salvaged from the borders of Vanduul space. Working his life away with a salvage crew, DeVeck Harough wanted more. A UEE Marine combat vet, he had no need or want of politics or climbing some Corporate ladder. Offering a Structure that celebrates each individual’s unique abilities. Maximizing productivity while ensuing lowered risk without the cost of profitability to the employee or contractor.


Since then Confidential Courier Securities has grown, expanding operational interests in the realm of Mining, Salvage, Mid-space Repairs, info-running…even offering “Boots on the ground” operators a place to get away from the structure of PMC’s. Our secondary goal is to supply Private Security operations along the stars as well as planetside.


General Jortojah formed a Private Military Company known as, “Maikoh Co.” Where the best of the best joined to take out criminals and make money doing what they loved. On December 31, 2101, Maikoh Company disbanded and was slowly faded from history. Maikoh Co has since been reformed and is trying to return back to its former glory.


HEROES END is a small syndicate established in 2937 by a circle of misanthropes who fell out of civilized company, and into the company of one another. Their only comparable qualities are their disdain for the UEE & their desire to profit from it. Pooling together their knowledge and resources, they formed this organization to help those who share in this perspective, and are looking to make a name for themselves, or perhaps lose the one they’ve got.

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