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Admiral Crimson Hawk Moth


Admiral Crimson Hawk Moth was born and raised in Sol, Earth, hometown [CLASSIFIED] and enrolled in the UEEN Academy in 2923. Upon the completion of training in 2925, he was assigned to Bandit Squadron (Soaring 7th) in [CLASSIFIED], to fly F7A spacecraft. In 2929, following the acquisition of Andromeda Class Constellations, he was selected for conversion and posted to the newly formed 273rd Tactical Star Fighter Wing. Crimson Hawk Moth would eventually serve with many squadrons, accumulating several thousand flying hours on Earth in various UEEN spacecraft.


As a Flag officer, Admiral Crimson Hawk Moth has served in various personnel-related staff positions in the UEEN from 2931 to 2935. From 2935 to 2937, he was part of the UEEN staff in NORAD Headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colorado. In 2937-2939, he was deployed to Mars, as Director of Staff in UEEN Mars Headquarters, where he was given the service identity "Crimson Hawk Moth" replacing his personal identity during operational periods. Following his tour, he was assigned Commander of 1 UEEN Fleet Division on Earth.


In 2940, Admiral Crimson Hawk Moth (then Commodore) was assigned to Project Golfland among many others, a top-secret project that would take 4 years. During this period Admiral Crimson Hawk Moth was promoted to his current rank whilst being stationed as the commander of the UEES Sidonia. In 2944 the Private Military Corps "Knights of Sidonia" was commissioned by the [CLASSIFIED] Staff of Fleets and transferred to civilian jurisdiction. 

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