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Executive Order 77 : INACTIVE



KOS Commander:
Admiral Crimson Hawk Moth 
Craft ID: CFDG702

Date appointed: 11/07/2944

KOS Deputy Commander: 
Vice Admiral grimmacef13 

Craft ID: 3FDF001

Date appointed: 17/10/2951

1 KOS Fleet Division Commander:
Craft ID:

Date appointed:


2 KOS Fleet Division Commander
Craft ID: 

Date appointed

3 KOS Marine Fleet Division Commander:
Vice Admiral grimmacef13

Craft ID: 3FDF001

Date appointed: 26/08/2944

KOS Recruit Ops:
Craft ID: 
Date appointed:


KOS Public Relations:
Craft ID:

Date appointed:


1 Auldran Wing
2 Bravo Wing
3 Chimera Wing
4 Delta Wing
5 Eagle Wing
1 Black Watch Battalion
Elite Guard Squadron
Medievel Banner

KOS History - Recorded History updated 13-10-2953.

New squadron patches added for the squadrons of 1 Auldran Wing 16-04-2953.

Colonel Rexxy501 appointed CO of Bravo Wing 11-02-2953.

KOS enters into The Citizens Alliance (TCA) 01-11-2952
KOS departs the Old Guard Alliance (OGA) 31-10-2952
KOS Events Calendar added 03-01-2952.
KOS History - Birth of the KOS added 13-12-2951.
Article G/1-1 Anti-Harassment and Anti-Discrimination Policy added to the KOS Charter 18-08-2951.

Wings, Squadrons, and Regiments page updated 16-06-2951.

Colonel Ghalahad appointed CO of Delta Wing 12-06-2951.
Several KOS Charter Articles updated 05-05-2951.
Colonel Camo appointed CO of Delta Wing 13/12/2950.
Colonel Sarnyarn appointed CO of Black Watch Battalion 18/11/2950.

Colonel Ghalahad appointed CO of Bravo Wing 14/11/2950.
Colonel FlyingWolf appointed CO of Delta Wing 29/10/2950. 
Training Excercise: Operation Capture the Penguin Battle Procedure published 06/10/2950.

Training Excercise: Operation Credible Sport Battle Procedure published 30/09/2950.

Colonel Ghalahad appointed CO of Black Watch Battalion 28/09/2950.
Aegis Javelin Class Destroyer KOSS Flagship "Sidonia" commissioned 26/05/2950. 

Aegis Idris-M Class Frigate KOSS "Valkyrie's Revenge" commissioned 20/10/2945.

Aegis Idris-K Class Frigate KOSS "Damascus" commissioned 20/10/2945. 

MISC Endevour Class Vessels commissioned 20/10/2945.
Hull A-E Class Ships commissioned. 25/04/2945.

New Screenshots/Videos added 03/04/2945.

KOS Ranks and Possible Positions updated 14/03/2945.

KOS Operating Orders and Protocols page created 21/02/2945.

Orion Class mining platforms commissioned. 21/02/2945.

KOS Manifesto and Charter updated 13/10/2944.

News Log
KOS Star Citizen Org Card

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